Flyer for An Evening of One Acts

St. Francis High School Theatre and St. Francis Middle School Theatre invite you to An Evening of One Acts! St. Francis High School will be performing "Magic in the Mountain," and St. Francis Middle School will be performing "An Absolutely True Story (As Told by a Bunch of Lying Liars)."

Come support the SFHS Theatre Team as they head into competition One act and support SFMS as it builds its theatre program with this exciting show.

Tickets for An Evening of One Acts are on sale now! They can be purchased here:

Description of Lying Liars: Someone is in enormous trouble for breaking the priceless heirloom vase in the Peterson living room. But who? Someone is lying. Well, probably everyone is pretty much lying. Each suspect’s account is more outlandish than the last, from warring siblings Fred and Kelly, to their deeply weird friends Barney and Ava, to the family dog (according to the dog whisperer). But the truth? The truth is more slippery… and it may involve more Nutella than you could possibly imagine. Or not. Who knows!

Description of Magic in the Mountain: Inspired by the story of Eros and Psyche, Magic in the Mountain is the story of Romie and Bernice, the love they share and the world that keeps them apart. The heart of Eros, guarded by witches, burns deep within Mount Socrates and empowers Mamma Massey, who gave up everything to have the power of this mountain. “This is the story we tell…it’s a story of life and loss…of beauty and pain… a tragedy but with so much love… And hope.” This is a beautiful show with mythos and a touch of magic.