The Post-Secondary Educational Options (PSEO) program is a state program for high school juniors and seniors, which offers the opportunity to enroll in and attend college-level courses and apply earned credits toward high school graduation requirements and, eventually a college degree. There is also a limited option for 10th graders to enroll in Career and Technical courses. 

For all students interested in becoming a PSEO student for the following 23-24 school year, there will be a REQUIRED Parent-Guardian/Student PSEO  Information meeting on January 9th, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. This meeting is a requirement because we are going to cover ALL the information you have been waiting to hear on learning about the process of becoming a PSEO student. So much information will be covered as well as an opportunity to ask questions and leave the meeting feeling as though you know the next steps toward becoming a PSEO student!

Please fill out the survey below to confirm your interest in PSEO and attendance to the PSEO meeting on January 9th!   23-24 Interested PSEO Students