Image: Olena Voronina

Olena Voronina is a student in our Adult Basic Education in the English Language Learners program. She is from Ukraine and has agreed to allow us to share her story.

How my life has changed after the start of the war in Ukraine.

I lived in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, with my mother and a dog.  I worked in the customs service of Ukraine for 29 years, and I liked my work.

On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine and began to bomb the cities and kill civilians. 

At that time, I was in Europe on vacation. Since the airline canceled my flight, I could not return to my home in Ukraine.

My daughter Julia, who lives in America (Minnesota) with her family, called me and offered to buy a ticket and fly me here. I had no other choice, so I ended up in America. For a while, I hoped that I would soon return to my home. 

But then I realized that I needed to stay here because I quit my job in Ukraine and I can’t return home, and I don’t have any money. 

I realized that I needed to rebuild my life here, in America. 

I like to work; I’m not afraid to work.  I just wait for my permit for a job, and I hope to find a good job here. 

I am learning English now. My teacher helps me to improve my English; she says I’m making progress.

I recently passed my driving permit test. Now I am actively preparing for the test for driving a car.  I am sure that I can do it.

Olena Voronina, October 12, 2022

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