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St. Francis Area Schools Parent Update

September 15, 2022

1. Thank you so much for your patience during the first two weeks of school, especially with regard to transportation.  Like other districts across the country, there is a shortage of bus drivers in our area. Additional bus drivers are needed to reduce the number of late routes. Please refer anyone who might be interested in driving to for more information.

 The district is actively searching for additional drivers, training recent applicants, exploring the possibility of contracting some bus routes (without negatively impacting our bus drivers), and assigning other qualified employees to drive routes.

 To enhance communications, the district is resolving an issue with a communication systems contract, which provides emails, texts, and phone calls to families, and reconfiguring the phone system to improve service to parents.

2. As you may know, other positions are also available. In particular, there is a strong need for special education teachers, education assistants, custodians, and other employees. Interested candidates can apply at

3. School board meeting agendas, packets, minutes, and videos are available at > Menu > School Board Meetings