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August 2022

Welcome back Students and Parents

Below are a few important updates and deadlines regarding schedule corrections for the upcoming school year. 

Your 2022-23 schedule will go LIVE Tuesday, August 23  

Please read the information below carefully

SFHS Schedule Correction Forms and Deadlines

  • Schedule Correction Requests can be made for the ENTIRE 2022-23 school year ONLY via this Google Form.  (DO NOT Email or call your counselor, those requests will not be honored)

  • The Deadline to submit your SFHS request is Tuesday, August 30. This is a FIRM and FINAL Deadline. 

  • If you are requesting more than one change- you will need to complete this form for each individual request.

  • Your Schedule is subject to change up until the start of school to allow for balancing of classes. You are not guaranteed specific elective requests, since classes may be full or may not work with your schedule.

  • We will NOT be doing schedule corrections once the trimester begins. So please get your requests in by the above deadline.

SFHS Schedule Correction Parameters

  • The majority of your classes are set and will not be able to be moved due to the fact that much of the course balancing has already taken place. 

  • Please review and make requests for ALL Three trimesters at this time. 

    • The ONLY Reasons for changes to be made once the school year has started include:

      • Peer Tutor / TA Assignments (11th and 12th grade only) See our course catalog  for requirements

      • Incorrect placement - (Do not meet prerequisites, or incorrect level of rigor)

      • Dropping or Withdrawing from a AP / CIS course.

      • Independent Study (Proposal needs to be submitted 2 days prior to class start date)

Enrollment Changes to Saints Online

  • If you plan to take any classes through Saints Online, a PARENT must communicate this with your SFHS counselor before the trimester deadline-  with specific courses requests and designate which hours you plan to attend (Beginning or end of day)

    • T1 Saints Online Enrollment Deadline = Friday, August 26

    • T2 Saints Online Enrollment Deadline = Wednesday, November 23

    • T3 Saints Online Enrollment Deadline = Friday, February 24, 2023

  • No Enrollment changes to/ or From Saints Online  WILL BE MADE FOR REQUESTS THAT COME IN AFTER THESE DATES.

Saints Online  / SFHS Parameters

  • 9th and 10th Grade - No Part Time Options (Must be either Full Time SFHS or Full Time Saints Online) 

  • 11th and 12th Grade- Part Time options must be consecutive hours at the start or end of the day. (ex: 1st and 2nd hour) Requests must be made within the given deadlines. Parents are required to email counselor permission. 

  • Online students are expected to work on their course at home during that class period. SFHS will not be supervising Saints Online (SO) students. (Saints Online is its own separate school with in the district, SFHS is not staffed to host SO students during the day)

  • Part-time SO/SFHS students must be able to provide their own transportation to and from SFHS.