CCES Snow Plow

3rd Grade Teacher Jessica Meyenburg wrote:

On November 15, Timothy Meyenburg, from the City of East Bethel Maintenance Department, brought in a city plow truck to Cedar Creek Elementary School to show the third graders the size of the truck and learn the many parts and functions of the truck.

Prior to the visit students watched a snow plow safety video. In the video they learned the importance of building snow forts a safe distance and keeping snow toys away from the street.

The students loved seeing all of the integral parts of the plow truck. Students learned that snow plows are as heavy as six elephants and very hard to stop quickly when moving.

Tim answered a variety of questions such as how much a snow plow weighs (about 46,000 pounds), how many hours it takes to plow a route (8-10 hours) and if he has ever hit any mailboxes before (oops yep).

We are thankful for this opportunity to learn the details of snow plow safety and are excited for our students to go into this winter with more awareness to keep them safe!