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School Safety

St. Francis Area Schools is committed to providing a safe and secure school environment for students, staff and families. All seven schools have the Raptor Visitor Management System. The new system allows school staff to track visitors, contractors and volunteers who will be moving about in the buildings, as well as identify individuals who may pose a danger to students and staff.

The visitor management system is only one of many layers of improved security management in St. Francis Area Schools and is not meant to replace existing systems and processes. Visitors will be asked to present a valid state-issued ID or passport. The ID will be scanned by the Raptor Visitor Management System, which will retain basic information in addition to a copy of the visitor's photo ID. If a visitor does not have a form of ID, they will have to go to the District Office for approval by the superintendent.

Once entry is approved, a badge will be printed that includes the visitor's name, date and location of the visit along with a photo (see below). Visitors are required to wear this badge while in a St. Francis Area School building. A visitor badge will not be necessary for those who will remain in the school office, for example, when picking up their student.

Visitors are reminded to bring their photo ID. The Raptor Visitor Management System is made possible by the $80M bond passed by community members in November 2017. A big thank you to our community for supporting the safety and security of our students.

Photo: Raptor System License scan
photo of a hand taking a sticker badge from machine
Photo: Sample of Raptor Visitor Badge