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Youth Recreation Department FAQ

How do I know when you are offering a program?
There are three main ways we get information out to residents of St. Francis Area Schools.
1. Online: View what is currently available online. Please call 763-213-1810 if you need help finding what you are looking for online.
2. Flyers: During the school year, we will send flyers home with your children.
3. Constant Contact: With your permission, an email can be sent out to inform you of upcoming sports.

How do I register?
You can go online and register with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover. If you choose to fill out a registration form, please mail it in or drop it off at St. Francis High School. All checks can be made payable to Community Ed. To register by phone, call 763-213-1810.

If it's past the registration deadline, can I still sign my child up?
It depends. After the registration deadline, we sit down and form teams. It really depends on how many children register during the registration period. We want all teams to be equal in number, so we may have room and we may not. You can always call to get your child on a waiting list, 763-213-1810. If someone drops out during the first week, we can get you in.

What is involved in coaching my child's team?
Please consider coaching your child's team. It is a very rewarding experience. We will provide you with game rules and team expectations before the season starts. Remember, our goal is to teach kids the fundamentals and make sure they have fun doing it. We always have several parents that return year after year to coach their children, and they are always very happy to help or answer questions you may have.

If I send in my registration, how do I know I'm in?
If you have registered for a league, the coach will call you to let you know when and where you are meeting for your first practice. You can always check your online class history to see that the registration has been entered. Remember, we will not call you to say you are registered. If you have a current email address in your profile, you will receive a receipt via email. Please write the starting date on your calendar and follow the instructions on the registration form. The only time we call is when there is a problem.

My coach hasn't called yet. What should I do?
Be patient. Coaches receive their rosters at the coach's meeting and are instructed to call their team. Remember these are parent volunteers that have normal jobs and they are busy people, just like you. They may not be able to call you before your neighbor gets called. Don't panic and be patient. There are also coaches who aren't able to make it to the coach's meeting and get their roster late, and there are coaches that back out at the last minute and we are left scrambling. These are some cases where you will not get a call the day after the coach's meeting. Bottom line is, if you wrote the starting date on your calendar, and haven't received a call by that date, call our office at 763-213-1810.

How do I know where my child will play?
The Recreation Department utilizes all of the available fields and gyms within St. Francis Area Schools. Not all practices and games are held in the same spot so you will get a schedule for the season at your first practice.

My child wants to play with his friend. Can they get on the same team?
We discourage that kind of request. The Recreation Department feels that kids will have a fun time playing and learning new skills whether they are playing with their friends or not. We also feel that the programs that we offer allow kids to meet new friends. With three elementary schools in our district that merge into one middle school, this is an excellent way to meet kids from the other side of the district.

Is everything you offer done in the evening?
A lot of what we offer is done in the evening (after 6:00 pm) with parent volunteer coaches.

When can I expect to see what you are offering for Summer?
We compile the information for summer and publish it in a summer Community Education catalog. It will also be available for online registration the first week of May.