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The Bridge Church
6443 Norris Lake Road
Nowthen, MN 55330

Chris Lindquist

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For more information about this program please call 763-213-1640. 

Painting Sandhill Cranes by Jim Perleberg

Event Time: 11:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
NEW seating time 10:45 am.
Tickets: $20 for Lunch and Performance

Reservations are required one week before the show. Call the Adult Community Office at 763-213-1640 to register or for more information.

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“Technical Difficulties” and “The Dating Game”

Tuesday, February 15

The Geezer Radio Hour takes you on another comedic romp through the Golden Years with the Jewels of deNial in a Valentine’s Day double-header Technical Difficulties and The Dating Game.

Technical Difficulties – Opal is frustrated with her new computer; Ruby can’t remember her password, and Pearl has trouble making an appointment with the eye doctor on her rotary telephone. In desperation, they turn to technical support, which tries to help them navigate through their questions.

The Dating Game – No, no, no. Don’t touch that dial. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we find the Jewels trying out their newly-found computer skills, exploring the world of online dating. Will Opal, Pearl, and Ruby find the men of their dreams on this virtual playing field? Will true love prevail? Be sure to stay tuned for this exciting romantic interlude.


“The Stringman” Paul Imholte

Tuesday, March 15

If it has strings, Paul Imholte probably plays it. Known as the “stringman,” Paul plays nearly a dozen folk instruments and will entertain with traditional Celtic, American, and original music. A master of the hammered dulcimer, he is a huge proponent of introducing this somewhat rare and enchanting instrument to audiences across the Midwest. The hammered dulcimer is a trapezoid-shaped instrument struck with light hammers and a forerunner of the modern piano.
Besides playing the hammer dulcimer, he plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, autoharp, cello, mountain dulcimer, and jaw harp. Paul sings about small towns and people that make their living on the land. A native of St. Cloud, Minnesota, Paul, has released ten CDs and performs at festivals and concerts throughout the United States.


Grand Ole Opry – Phyllis Hummel & The Swinging Country Band

Tuesday, April 12

A Grand Ole Opry show will be performed by the Swinging Country Band, whose members include Bill Jordan, Jeff Zappa, Greg Donovan, and performer Phyllis Hummel. Get ready for a concert featuring songs from George Jones, Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Sr., and Hank William Jr., along with many more.
The Swinging Country Band was inducted into The Mid America Hall of Fame in 2010, and Phyllis Hummel is also an inductee in the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame. The band also frequently performs at the South Dakota State Fair.


Rockin’ Woody – Tom Strohmyer

Tuesday, May 10

A man of many talents, Tom Strohmyer, known professionally as “Woody,” has been entertaining audiences from ages one to one hundred since 1983 by singing, playing guitar, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, and flute. Woody, a Lunch Bunch favorite, is a one-person variety show, offering a wide range of music delivered instrumentally and vocally. Did we mention he is a magician and juggler who can shoot the bull while keeping five balls aloft?