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Facility Use Policy & Procedures

St. Francis Area Schools Facility Use Philosophy

St. Francis Area Schools subscribes to the principle that the public schools are owned by and operated for its patrons and that the schools are an integral part of the community. St. Francis Area Schools School Board Policy 702 encourages the public use of school facilities and grounds.

St. Francis Area Schools School Board Policy 702
Use of School District Facilities and Equipment

Scheduling Facility Use

All requests must be made in writing ten (10) business days prior to requested use. Forms are available at or in the Community Education office located at St. Francis High School. Individuals signing the Request to Use School Facilities form must be 21 years of age or older and assume responsibility for all fees and supervision associated with the event. Any changes must be made in writing via email or by submitting a Facility Request Change Form. Call 763-213-1589 for assistance.

Each completed form should be submitted with $10 permit fee, certificate of liability insurance, non-profit status documents and Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption if applicable.

Upon approval, a Facility Use Permit will be emailed to the contact person of the user group. Permits are non-transferable and are restricted to dates, times and locations stated within. User groups may not sublet the use of the contracted space to any other organization, individual or vendor/business. These groups must obtain a Facility Use Permit. Businesses, individuals or user groups may apply for a district sponsorship if associated with a Class 1 (district) event or function. See St. Francis Area Schools Sponsorship Request form.

Using St. Francis Area Schools Facilities

These policies and procedures are an agreement between you (organization requesting the permit) and St. Francis Area Schools. By using the school facilities as indicated on your permit, you acknowledge your acceptance of the following conditions.

  • Organizations using district facilities and grounds agree that the organization will not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age or veteran status.
  • Disorderly conduct is prohibited and punishable by ejection from the buildings and grounds. Law enforcement may be notified.
  • All flyers/advertising of event must be approved by the Director of Community Education prior to printing and distribution. St. Francis Area Schools disclaimer statement must be included on publication.
  • Food and drink are only allowed in designated areas.
  • Events which include concession or sale of food must be in compliance with Minnesota Department of Health Guidelines. 
  • No bake sales are permitted.


A current Certificate of Liability Insurance policy is required. Please see requirements at

St. Francis Area Schools School Board approved booster clubs, PTOs and APTs are currently not required to carry liability insurance for meetings that consist of adults. Nor are these groups subject to facility use fees for their board meetings.

Users of school facilities shall agree to indemnify the school district for any damage to school and other property by any person and persons attending the activity. Any cost of damaged property/equipment is the financial responsibility of the user group.

If a group brings in its own equipment, the district assumes no liability in connection with the use, loss or damage of the equipment. This equipment must be approved by the district facilities scheduling manager. Any equipment must be removed from the site after use is complete.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons and firearms in any form are not allowed on school district property except for authorized instructional programs and/or law enforcement personal.
  • According to Minnesota State Law, all district buildings and grounds are tobacco, alcohol and chemical free. 
  • No tobacco or E-cigarettes allowed.
  • Flammable substances many not be used within school buildings. No open flames or foggers.
  • No latex balloons or latex products allowed.
  • No parking in designated fire lanes.
  • Gambling is prohibited. Raffles must have appropriate county permit.
  • No pets or animals.


  • All activities must be supervised by an adult at least 21 years of age, with the organization using the facility assuming full responsibility for any damage. Groups providing inadequate supervision will be required to pay for additional building supervision. Continued supervision issues will result in the cancellation of user privileges.
  • St. Francis Area Schools personnel on duty including custodians are responsible for the operation of the facilities, but are not required to supervise the group or its activities. 
  • Meetings/activities are confined to the areas reserved in advance. For safety reasons, all children need to be supervised at all times by an adult (age 21 or older). Those supervising an event may be asked to complete a volunteer background check.
  • Areas used should be left in an orderly condition. Additional clean up necessary will be invoiced to the user group.
  • Any damage to equipment or facilities should be reported immediately.
  • Certain rooms/facilities require the supervision of district personal at all times this includes but is not limited to computer labs and district kitchen facilities. Please see fee schedule.
  • Outdoor activities may require a district grounds person to be on duty. 
  • User groups must provide their own first aid supplies.
  • St. Francis Area Schools After Hours and Weekend Emergency Response Procedures information will be issued to each user group. Those persons responsible for supervision of the user group assume the responsibility of understanding the procedures.


Cancellation of an issued permit must be made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled event. Accumulated expenses will be the responsibility of the user group. 

St. Francis Area Schools may cancel a permit at any time. In the event a permit is issued and a conflict with a district Class 1 function occurs every effort will be made to provide an alternative district facility but may not be possible.

Inclement Weather or Emergency Closing

When St. Francis Area Schools are closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies, all facility use is cancelled.

Scheduling Priorities

St. Francis Area Schools activities and events have priority for the use of district facilities and grounds. St. Francis Area Schools reserves the right to decline any request that may compete with district programs or activities. 

When a conflict with other facility user occurs, efforts will be made to provide an alternative district facility that is appropriate for the event.

Class 1

St. Francis Area Schools activities and public elections
Includes all events/functions scheduled by district administration, athletic/activities scheduled by Athletic/Activities Director, concerts, school board meetings, community education, public elections, PTO/APT and St. Francis Area Schools co-sponsored events.

Class 2

Government organizations
Includes local city, county and government entities within St. Francis Area Schools boundaries.

Class 3

Local organizations/non-profits serving youth that are 90 percent district residents
Includes Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, school board-recognized booster clubs and athletic groups whose purpose is serving district youth (90 percent district residents).

Class 4

Local organizations/non-profits serving adults, community, and religious organizations

Class 5

All local non-profit organizations, serving either youth or adults, charging fees or generating revenue (fundraising) and groups whose membership is less than 90 percent district residents. User groups participating in a district sponsored event that have not obtained an St. Francis Area Schools sponsorship.

Includes adult or youth amateur teams, youth sporting organizations and booster clubs generating revenue. Includes tournaments or shows.

Class 6

Commercial or for-profit organizations
Includes all groups or individuals using facilities/grounds for profit.

Buildings Class 2 & 3 Class 4 & 5 Class 6 Other
 SFHS Main Gym 1-2*  $15.00  $20.00  $75.00  
 SFHS Gym 3*  $8.00  $14.00  $35.00  
 SFHS Gym 4, 5*  $12.00  $18.00  $60.00  
 SFMS Gym 1-2*   $10.00  $16.00  $60.00  
 SFMS Gym 3*  $5.00  $11.00  $35.00  
 SFMS Gym 4/SFLC*  $6.00  $12.00  $35.00  
 EBES/ECFC/SFES Gym*    $5.00  $11.00  $35.00  
 CCES Gym 1, 2, 3*  $9.00  $15.00  $60.00  
 SFHS Wrestling Room*  $12.00  $16.00  $75.00  
 Saints or Bridge Street Room  $15.00  $35.00  $50.00  
 Classroom  $6.00  $12.00  $35.00  
 Conference Room  $8.00  $25.00  $50.00  
 Commons/Cafeteria/MP Room  $8.00  $25.00  $50.00  
 Computer Lab  $15.00  $35.00  $75.00  All + comp tech hours
 Media Center  $10.00  $20.00  $60.00  
 Performing Arts Center  $50.00 performance fee 
 Plus $20/ hr & A/C
 $50.00 performance fee
 Plus $35/ hr & A/C
 $50.00 performance fee 
 Plus $60/ hr & A/C
 + Staff
 Sandhill Cabaret  $10.00  $25.00  $50.00  + Staff
 Kitchens - no use without
 Nutrition Services staff
 NS hourly only  $20 + NS hourly  $30 + NS hourly  
 District Office Community Room   $15.00  $50.00  $75.00  + Staff
 SFHS Varsity Baseball*  $10.00  $20.00  not available  
 SFHS Varsity Softball*   $10.00  $20.00  not available  
 SFHS Baseball*  $6.00  $12.00  $50.00  
 SFHS Softball*  $6.00  $12.00  $50.00  
 SFHS Soccer 1-2 (lights)*  $7.00  $14.00  $50.00  + cost of lights if used 
 SFHS Soccer 3-4*  $6.00  $12.00   $50.00  Cost is per field
 SFMS Fields*  $6.00  $12.00  $50.00  
 SFMS Track*  $10.00  $16.00  $75.00  
 Elementary Fields*  $6.00  $12.00  $50.00  




















All rates are hourly unless otherwise indicated.
*Facilities subject to Minnesota sales tax of 7.125%.
**Additional cost of fields will include but not limited to paint, lights, portable toilets, trash removal and grounds personnel for large event.

 Other Rates (2-hour) minimum)    Equipment Rental   
 Custodians/Grounds  $38/hour   Microphone  $15.00
 Nutrition Services  $38/hour   Podium  $20.00
 Sound & Light Technician  $32/hour   Screen  $5.00
 Student Sound & Light Tech  $18/hour  Scoreboard  $20.00/gym/day
 Facility Monitor  $20/hour  Event Supply Fee  $20/day/building 
 Other personnel  As determined by contact    Projector  $50.00
 Additional personnel charges may apply     Piano  $50.00
     Equipment Move Fee   $30.00/move
     Additional equipment charges may apply