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Preparedness Plan Resources

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Resources

The Minnesota Department of Health has provided guidelines for reopening specific industries. Reference your specific industry and be sure to review all documents for your industry. It is recommended that you use state and federal guidelines when creating your Preparedness Plan. 

Complete the preparedness plan by submitting an electronic document to Nancy Messerschmidt.

The following items are a minimum requirement of submitting a preparedness plan. Each activity has unique components that must be considered in your plan. Links to recommended MDH and CDC guidance are provided. 


St. Francis Area Schools Preparedness Plan Template: 

1. Required health screening procedures, exclusionary guidance, and high-risk participants.


2. Tracking of participants, staff, and volunteers

  • How many people will be at your activity?
    • How will participants be grouped? 
  • How will you keep track of attendance for contact tracing purposes? 
  • How will you ensure your attendance is completed and accurate?
  • Who will have the attendance information in case it is needed by the St. Francis Area Schools Community Education Facilities Office or the Minnesota Department of Health? 
  • Groups will be required to submit names and contact information of all participants to the Facility Scheduling Manager prior to the use of facilities.


3. Social Distancing

  • How will you ensure that you limit the number of individuals in a space to meet MDH guidelines? 
  • What strategies will you use to implement social distancing in your activity?
  • What will be your drop off and pick up procedures? 
    • What will be your location, entrance, and exit?
    • How will you stagger start and end times? 
    • How will you avoid congregating before and after practice?
    • What will you tell the parent(s)/guardian(s) about drop off and pick up?
    • What will you communicate about carpooling?
    • What will you tell parents about watching practices? 
  • What will be your plan in case of severe weather?


4. Health Etiquette

  • What health etiquette will you provide to staff, volunteers, and participants? 
  • What will be your masking policy?
  • What will be your hygiene policy?


5. Cleaning and Disinfecting 

  • How will you clean and disinfect your equipment, used items, and space before, during, and after use?


6. Compliance

  • What training will you provide for your staff?
  • How will you ensure your staff and/or volunteers are in compliance with COVID-19 regulations? 
  • How will you ensure compliance among your participants?
  • How will you ensure compliance among parent(s)/guardian(s)?


7. Liability

  • What is your organization doing to cover your liability and minimize risk?