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COVID-19 Reopening Plan

To maintain the health and safety of staff and visitors during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the following practices have been implemented. These practices were created by using guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and the Minnesota State High School League. St. Francis Area Schools will align with the guidelines and revise procedures as needed. Consistent with Minnesota State Executive Orders, St. Francis Area Schools will begin allowing limited access to its outdoor fields and indoor facilities to authorized users, groups, and individuals.

All users, groups, and individuals must adhere to the applicable CDC and MDH guidelines.

Phases for Opening

The Minnesota Department of Health has provided a chart referencing the different phases for safely reopening. Each facility use request will have unique aspects and may require additional time for measures to be in place.

Rental Priority: 

Class 1 – St. Francis Area Schools activities and public elections

Class 2 – Government organizations

Class 3 – Local organizations/nonprofits serving youth that are 90 percent of district residents

Class 4 – Local organizations/non-profits serving adults, community, and religious organizations

Class 5 – All local non-profit organizations, serving either youth or adults, charging fees or generating revenue (fundraising), and groups whose membership is less than 90 percent district residents. Also, user groups who are participating in a district-sponsored event but have not obtained a St. Francis Area Schools sponsorship.

Class 6 – Commercial or for-profit organizations

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

All outside user groups and individuals requesting facilities are required to submit a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The plan must outline how they will meet MDH safety guidelines for the reopening of specific industries. It is recommended that you use state and federal guidelines when creating your Preparedness Plan. St. Francis Area Schools has also provided a facility use template with suggested steps that should be included in your plan.

Your COVID-19 Preparedness Plan should be submitted as an electronic document to Nancy Messerschmidt.

Waiver and Release Form 

All user groups and individuals requesting facility use will need to complete the St. Francis Area Schools Waiver and Release Form before being issued a permit. Please print and complete the Waiver and Release Form and email it to Nancy Messerschmidt. This document should be signed by the highest-ranking member of your organization. 

  1. St. Francis Area Schools (SFAS) staff will monitor facility use. Renters not in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines will be given one warning for an entire organization. A second warning would constitute the cancellation of the permit and future permit uses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Each organization will have one designated contact person who will work with the Facility Use Manager. Each group will also have an individual that will ensure policies and procedures are adhered to at each site/use. This person is responsible for communicating with the Facility Use Manger. There can be a secondary designated person from the organization to complete scheduling requests.
  3. A complete list of names and contact information for all participants must be provided to St. Francis Area Schools before any use of facilities. All groups must keep accurate attendance records.
Steps to Receiving a Permit
  1. Review COVID-19 Preparedness Plan resources and determine if your organization or group can adhere to the MDH guidelines. Create and submit a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that will be communicated to participants, once approved.
  2. Review the COVID-19 Waiver and Release Form. Print and sign the COVID-19 Waiver and Release Form then submit it to Nancy Messerschmidt.
  3. District administration will review the plan and approve or return it to the renter for amendment. 
  4. Send an email to members of your organization explaining the implementation of your COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and copy Nancy Messerschmidt Facility Use Manager. 
  5. Send a complete list of names and contact information for all participants to Nancy Messerschmidt Facility Use Manager.

Please contact Nancy Messerschmidt with any questions relating to Facility Use at 763-213-1589 or email Nancy Messerschmidt.