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Early Childhood Advisory Council

What does the Early Childhood Advisory Council do?

  • Recommend activities, classes, and services for families with young children
  • Be a springboard for parent involvement in the district and state
  • Foster increased participation in programs
  • Provide volunteers and sponsor family activities
  • Raise funds to support program activities and supplement learning materials and equipment

Why should I join the Early Childhood Advisory Council?

  • Parent involvement is key to a child’s educational success
  • Meet other parents with young children
  • Easy, fun, casual meetings
  • Learn about St. Francis Area Schools
  • Be involved in decisions about the Early Childhood programs
  • Free child care during meetings
  • Advanced registration for classes
  • Some of the events sponsored by the Council:
    • Book Fairs
    • Tot Shop
    • Family Fun Fest
    • Vehicle Day

For more information on the Early Childhood Advisory Council, contact Jennifer Dupre, Program Supervisor, at 763-753-7171.