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St. Francis High School (SFHS)
3325 Bridge Street NW
St. Francis, MN 55070 

Nancy Messerschmidt 

Sarah Yannarelly

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Recreational and learning opportunities are available for adults of all ages. Courses, both in-person and online, offer affordable, fun and convenient lifelong learning opportunities.

Spotlight on Classes

Tantalizing Thai Cuisine

You’ll begin by preparing Vietnamese summer rolls served with both hoisin and peanut sauce for dipping. Vietnamese spring rolls follow with pork, shrimp, and glass noodles stuffed in rice paper and fried to a golden brown, served with the classic nuoc cham dipping sauce. You’ll then prepare Pad Thai blending the vibrant flavors of Thailand with rice noodles using shrimp, eggs, chilies, garlic, basil, scallions, bean sprouts, sesame oil, lemon, and crushed red pepper flakes. For dessert, Thai lime custard topped with fresh whipped cream. Currently, all cooking classes are demonstration only.

AE21102          $37 PER PERSON
Wednesday, March 24  |  6:00-10:00 pm
St. Francis High School

Savvy Social Security Planning for Women

Social Security is one of the few income sources that keep up with inflation and lasts for life. But most women fail to maximize their benefits because they don’t understand the little-known rules that can help them get more out of the system.

This workshop will cover:

  • How much Social Security you stand to receive over your lifetime
  • How the decisions you make in your 60s can determine the amount of income you will have in your 80s
  • How to take advantage of spousal benefits, survivor benefits, divorced-spouse benefits, and even divorced spouse survivor benefits
  • How to coordinate your retirement benefit with benefits you might receive as a spouse or divorced-spouse
  • Why women who are married should make the decision about when their husbands should apply for Social Security
  • Why you should consider your husband’s life expectancy when deciding when to claim your retirement benefit
  • What to do if your husband or ex-husband dies
  • What to do if your marital status changes
  • How to plan for the extra-long life

This workshop is for women and for men who have women in their lives (wives, sisters, mothers). It features essential information all women need to have if they are concerned about financial security in retirement.

AE21127         $7 PER PERSON
Monday, March 29 |  6:30-8:00 pm
St. Francis High School