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SFHS FIRST ® Robotics team for 2020 Season

Together we RISE! – Join the SFHS FIRST ® Robotics team for 2020


Robotics Information

Join us Tuesday, September 24 at 7:00 pm at SFHS Room C107 to learn about

opportunities for students and parents to engage and build upon our FIRST Robotics

Competition (FRC) program.

SFHS FIRST Robotics Team, Mechanical Masterminds #7068, is launching our 3 rd season byhosting an information meeting for the St. Francis community. We invite students, parents, teachers, and/or mentors to meet the coaches and current team members, see the robot, and learn about the season ahead. Refreshments will be provided.

We're excited to participate in the 2020 FRC theme of INFINITE RECHARGE SM as part of a focus on sustainable and renewable energy.

FIRST has partnered with Disney's Star Wars "Force For Change" initiative.

There's something for everyone on our FIRST Robotics team including the following interest areas:

 Electrical Components

 Drive Team

 CAD and Computer Coding

 Construction

 Safety

 Marketing and Communications

 Photography, Videography, Graphics Design

 Awards, Grants, and Fundraising

 School Spirit and Recruitment

 Business and Project Management

Learn more:

 SFHS FIRST Robotics Booster Website:

 FIRST Website:

 Email us at

Wondering about the impact of FIRST? Enjoy a few testimonies from those involved in our first two seasons...

"FIRST Robotics was the most fun I ever had working so hard. I learned so much more than I imagined and can't wait for next season." SFHS Student

"FIRST Robotics was a catalyst for developing leadership skills and was undoubtedly helpful in obtaining scholarships and internships. It helped create a network with future employers and has opened so many doors for me after graduation." SFHS FIRST Robotics Alum

"Not all students enjoy sports, music, or theater. FIRST Robotics provided a positive extracurricular activity for my child." SFHS Parent

"FIRST Robotics has something for any interest area. Certainly, we build skills in science and technology, but also marketing, business presentations, social media, graphics, communications, project management, teamwork, and so much more." SFHS Robotics Mentor

"We seek candidates that have been engaged in FIRST Robotics because they gain experiences that align with our values." Industry Leaders