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Welcome to St. Francis Area Schools

Each year we bring even more focus on our schools as a learning organization that prepares our students for success in the 21st Century.  I believe in authentic learning, which means we WILL prepare our students for life after high school. That may mean attending a trade school, a two-year program, a four-year school, enlisting in the military or taking over the family business.  The workforce demands a talented group and our graduates need to be prepared.

The mission of St. Francis Area Schools is to equip all students with the knowledge and skills to empower them to achieve their dreams and full potential while becoming responsible citizens in a dynamic world.  We do all of this while trying to create a safe learning environment that promotes high achievement in a way that all students are excited about learning.  The vision also includes managing and utilizing resources efficiently and expecting our students to be responsible, healthy citizens.  

So incredibly proud to be a Saint!

Beth Giese
Superintendent, St. Francis Area Schools

Office phone: 763-753-7041
Twitter: @GieseSupt
Facebook: Supt Giese

photo of superintendent beth giese

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A Saints Star is someone who has gone above and beyond to make St. Francis Area Schools a great place to learn and work.