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Strategic Plan

St. Francis Area Schools MISSIONPhoto Kindergartners Singing

The mission of St. Francis Area Schools is to equip all students with the knowledge and skills to empower them to achieve their dreams and full potential while becoming responsible citizens in a dynamic world.

Adopted by the St. Francis Area Schools,
Independent School District 15 School Board
May 11, 2015


We believe that…

  • Trust and respect are fundamental for thriving relationships.
  • Our community flourishes when individuals, families and organizations collaborate.
  • Every person matters and has value.
  • Responsibility and accountability are essential for personal growth, organizational improvement and community engagement.
  • Commitment to high expectations is essential to help achieve full individual and collective potential.
  • Everyone benefits when culture and diversity are understood and respected.
  • Lifelong learning enriches individuals and creates opportunities.
  • Open exchanges of ideas and communicated planning are integral for continuous improvement

Mission Outcomes

By 2020, all students will…

  • Develop a personalized educational path they can articulate and use to progress toward their evolving dreams.
  • Identify and choose positive ways they can take active ownership in their community while recognizing its diversity.


We will…

  • Ensure that every employee understands, supports and promotes our core values and mission.
  • Build trust and facilitate engagement with all St. Francis Area Schools stakeholders.
  • Align and support all educational programs and services to achieve our mission and mission outcomes.

Strategic Delimiters

We will NOT…

  • Continue or adopt any program or service unless it is aligned with and advances the mission and is accompanied by the necessary human and financial resources.
  • Make decisions without the use of relevant data provided by the appropriate personnel.
  • Allow past experiences to interfere with the consideration of new ideas.