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Safe Routes to School

Logo: Minnesota Safe Routes to School

This school year, St. Francis Area Schools was awarded a planning assistance grant  from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to create a Safe Routes to School plan for St. Francis Elementary, Middle and High Schools. 

Safe Routes to School is a national and international initiative to increase the number of children who walk and bike to school. This is done through infrastructure improvements around schools, as well as non-infrastructure programs at school and in the community. This planning process will result in recommendations for each of the schools. 

Over the next few months, data will be collected from students, staff, parents and community members through online surveys, mapping surveys and a planning workshop. From the data gathered, a school plan will establish how walking and biking to school can be easier, safer and more comfortable for families. Check out the project website for more information!

Interactive Map

St. Francis Area Schools Safe Routes to School Plan needs your help!  Please share your ideas about walking and biking to school on the interactive project map.

Take the Survey

Families, caregivers and community members are invited to take any of the surveys. Click on the school listed below. Thank you for your input.