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Rules on the Bus

For a safe and pleasant ride:

  • Immediately follow directions from the bus driver.
  • Sit in your seat, facing forward.
  • Talk quietly, using appropriate language.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
  • Keep your arms, legs and belongings to yourself.
  • No fighting, harassing, intimidation or horseplay.
  • Do not throw any object.
  • No eating, drinking or use of tobacco.
  • Do not damage the school bus.
  • Sit in your assigned seat.

Breaking the rules

  • Driver will warn student
  • Driver will suspend student
  • A report will be led with St. Francis Area Schools Transportation Department A report is led immediately for any act that is dangerous or destructive


  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • No distraction
  • No destruction