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Grades 4-8 Safety Training

Know the Bus Rules!


  • Stay out of the bus danger zone
  • When riding the bus, remain seated at all times


  • Keep hands, feet and belongings to yourself
  • Use quiet voices and be courteous
  • Follow the driver’s instructions


  • Bring only school-approved items on the bus
  • Be respectful of bus space and equipment

Waiting for the Bus!

  • Dress for the weather
  • Be on time – arrive no more than 10 minutes before the bus arrives
  • Use respectful behaviors:
    • Hands/feet to self
    • Stay away from curb and  off the road
    • Use kind words
    • Stay at bus stop
  • Wait for the bus to STOP,   then get on
Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.
If you want the "right" keep safety in sight!

Know the Consequences!

The school bus has rules and consequences just like a classroom.

Know the Danger Zone!

  • The “danger zone” is all the space within 10 giant steps around the bus.
  • The most dangerous areas are close to the tires and right in front of the bus.
    • REMEMBER! The driver can not see you in the “danger zone!”
  • Always cross in front of the bus.  Wait for the driver to signal.
  • Never enter the “danger zone” to pick up papers, mittens, balls, etc.




Know Evacuation Procedures

There are three different evacuation plans
  • Using only the front service door
  • Using only the rear (or side) emergency door
  • Using both the service door and the emergency door
While evacuating
  • Be quiet and wait for instruction
  • Be alert, move quickly and leave personal belongings on the bus
  • Keep your feet out of the aisle, go out seat by seat, alternating sides
  • Duck your head when going out the emergency door
  • After you are out of the door, move away from the bus as this clears the way for others to follow.
  • Go a distance of at least 100 feet from the bus and remain there in a group until given further instructions by the driver

School bus evacuation picture 1  School bus evacuation picture 2  School bus evacuation picture 3


riding the bus!

Students sitting on a school bus


  • When the door opens, enter the bus one at a time using the handrail.
  • Go directly to your assigned seat and sit down
  • Backs to the back, seats to the seat, feet point toward the floor. (Sitting safe)
  • Keep your body inside the bus


  • Use a quiet voice
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Keep aisle clear
  • Do not throw anything
  • Your bus driver is in charge


  • Take care of the bus
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • Animals, weapons, and illegal drugs are not allowed
  • Do not tamper with bus safety equipment


Leaving the Bus!


  • Stay in your seat until the bus stops
  • Remember to take everything with you
  • Exit from front to back
  • Quickly exit the “danger zone”
  • Don't push or crowd
  • Use the handrail
  • Look both ways and watch for the driver  to signal before crossing in front of the bus
  • When arriving at school, go directly to your assigned area
  • After school, go directly home or to daycare

Students standing by a school bus