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Notice of Student and Parent/Guardian Rights

Provided in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Students have the right to:

  • Take part in and receive benefits from public education programs without discrimination because of disability
  • Receive a free appropriate public education with non-disabled students to the maximum extent appropriate. This includes the right to have the school district make reasonable accommodations to allow an equal opportunity to participate in school and school-related activities.
  • Be educated in facilities and receive services comparable to those provided to non-disabled students.
  • An appropriate education designed to meet individual educational needs as adequately as the needs of non-disabled students.  
  • Evaluation prior to an initial placement or significant changes in placement.
  • Evaluation, educational, and placement decisions made based on a variety of information sources and by a group of persons, including persons who know the student, the evaluation data, and placement options.
  • Transportation provided to and from an alternative placement setting at no greater cost than would be incurred if the student were placed in a program operated by the district. 
  • An equal opportunity to participate in nonacademic and extra-curricular activities offered by the district.  

You as parent/guardian have the right to:

  • Receive notice of rights under this federal law.
  • Receive notice with respect to identification, evaluation, or placement.
  • Examine all relevant records relating to decisions regarding your student’s identification, evaluation, educational program, and placement.
  • File a grievance in accordance with the School District’s Section 504 grievance procedures.
  • Request an impartial due process hearing related to decisions or actions regarding identification, evaluation, educational program, or placement. The school district will bear the costs for these due process procedures. You and your child may take part in these hearings and have an attorney represent you. You are entitled to request a review (appeal) of the hearing should you not prevail.
  • File a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights addressed Attn: OCR Regional Manager, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Citigroup Center, 500 W. Madison Street, Suite 1475, Chicago, IL 60661-4544. Telephone: 312-730-1560; Fax: 312-730-1576; TDD: 800-877-8339. Email:


For additional questions or concerns, please contact your student’s school 504 coordinator.

To receive additional information regarding grievance procedures or due process hearing and appeals process, please contact:

Angela Scardigli, St. Francis Area Schools 504 Coordinator
Phone: 763-753-7037
Address: 4115 Ambassador Boulevard NW, St. Francis, Minnesota 55070

Deb Parson, St. Francis Area Schools Director of Student Services
Phone: 763-753-7046
Address: 4115 Ambassador Boulevard NW, St. Francis, Minnesota 55070