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Mental Health Support Services

It is important that our students and families know that the district’s mental health support staff are available for questions and support. 

Contact staff via phone call, email, as well as schedule appointments through our Google Calendars. We are here for you so please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Take care! 

Your School Social Workers, Counselors, and Psychologists 
St. Francis Area Schools

Reasons to Connect

  • Mental health support
  • Concerns with your child’s social, emotional or behavioral needs
  • Ideas for stress management for your child or family
    • Self-care help
  • Struggling to meet the distance learning expectations (attendance, engagement, overall performance)
  • Academic and organizational tools
  • Counselor Schoology pages (SFMS and SFHS)
  • Assistance with basic needs
    • SFMS Caring Closet
  • Planning for the future (SFHS and SFLC students)

Contact information for Mental Health Support Staff

School Counselors and Social Workers

Early Childhood Family Center (ECFC) 

Tiffany Ranz
CCES, ECFC & Districtwide School Psychologist

April Olson
ECFE & Districtwide School Social Worker

Melissa Denning
Parent Educator

St. Francis Elementary School (SFES)

Joni Bircher, MA Ed, LICSW
SFES General Education School Social Worker

Scott Kruger
SFES Special Education School Social Worker

Cedar Creek Elementary School (CCES)

Peter Dols
CCES General Education School Social Worker

Lauren Laffen
CCES School Social Worker

East Bethel Elementary School (EBES)

Jessica Marsolek
EBES Social Emotional Learning Specialist/ General Education School Social Worker

Megan Stearns
EBES Special Education School Social Worker

School Counselors and Social Workers

St. Francis Middle School (SFMS)

Amanda Tessmer
SFMS School Counselor (last names A-L)
763-213-8619 (leave a voicemail)

Lindsay Pakola
SFMS School Counselor (last names M-Z)

Jennifer Norstrem
SFMS Special Education School Social Worker

SFMS Virtual Calming Room

St. Francis High School (SFHS)

Dereck Buss
SFHS School Counselor - Last names A-Ha
Make an Appointment

Anna Ruel
SFHS School Counselor - Last names He-O
Make an Appointment

Tammy Sworsky
SFHS School Counselor - Last names P-Z 
Make an Appointment

General Academic Tips
SFHS Virtual Chill Room

Caree Montague
SFHS Special Education School Social Worker

St. Francis Learning Center (SFLC) & Crossroads School

Erica Campbell
SFLC School Counselor
Email to set up a Google Meet
763-753-7148 (leave a voicemail)
Saints Academy Resources Website
Google Classroom: uiw4mbr
Schoology Page: 6TX8-RGJC-CRFW7

Caree Montague
SFHS, SFLC & Restore School Social Worker
763-213-1537 (leave a voicemail)


School Psychologists

Lisa Kastenbauer
SFES & SFMS School Psychologist

Karen Hamann
SFHS, EBES, SFLC & Crossroads
School Psychologist
763-213-1682 (leave a voicemail)

Tiffany Ranz
CCES, ECFC & Districtwide School Psychologist
763-213-8833 (leave a voicemail) 

Lee Carlson Center

The Lee Carlson Center school-based program provides services including counseling, advocacy, education, and peer support group experiences in the northern suburbs.  

Services are offered in St. Francis Area Schools as well as five+ additional school districts, helping 2000+ in early learning centers, grades K-12 and alternative learning centers.

How can I receive these services?  

Reach out and contact with your site mental health support(s). 

Services vary from school-to-school and include: 

  • Mental Health assessments and referrals
  • Individual, group and/or family therapy
  • Resources to help youth develop daily living and social skills
  • Assistance for families to help them understand and better navigate the mental health system
  • Collaboration between our psychiatric staff and school-based teams
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Psychoeducation (topics vary)

Payment options- Lee Carlson Center accept all major insurances and may be able to use an income-based sliding fee scale for families with inadequate insurance and limited financial resources.  Talk to their team to learn how to qualify.