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Meal Times/Menus

Meal Times

St. Francis High School (9-12)

Breakfast 7:30-7:45 am
Saints Time 10:00-10:31 am
Lunch A 11:44 am-12:11 pm
Lunch B 12:17-12:44 pm
Lunch C 12:50-1:17 pm

St. Francis Middle School (6-8)

Breakfast 7:15-7:30 am
Lunch 7th & 8th grade 10:19 am
Lunch 7th & 8th grade 10:39 am
Lunch 7th & 8th grade 10:59 am
Lunch 6th grade 11:20 am
Lunch 6th grade 11:35 am

St. Francis Elementary School (K-5)

Breakfast 8:55-9:10 am
Lunch 2nd Grade 11:00-11:25 am
Lunch 1st Grade 11:25 am-11:50 am
Lunch Kindergarten 11:50-12:15 pm
Lunch 3rd Grade 12:15-12:40 pm
Lunch 5th Grade 12:40-1:05 pm
Lunch 4th Grade 1:05-1:30 pm

Cedar Creek Elementary School (K-5)

Breakfast 8:55-9:10 am
Lunch 5th Grade 11:00-11:25 am
Lunch 3rd Grade 11:25-11:50 am
Lunch 2nd Grade 11:50 am-12:15 pm
Lunch 4th Grade 12:15-12:40 pm
Lunch 1st Grade 12:40-1:05 pm
Lunch Kindergarten 1:05-1:30 pm

East Bethel Elementary School (K-5)

Breakfast 8:55-9:10 am
Lunch 4th Grade 11:00-11:25 am
Lunch 5th 11:30 am-11:55 am
Lunch 1st Grade 12:00-12:25 pm
Lunch 3rd Grade 12:30-12:55 pm
Lunch Kindergarten 1:00-1:25 pm
Lunch 2nd Grade 1:30-1:55 pm

St. Francis Learning Center, T15 & Saints Academy

T15 Breakfast 7:30-7:45 am
Breakfast Grab-n-Go's until 8:00 am
Saints Time 10:05-10:40 am
T15 Lunch 11:00-11:30 am
T15 & Restore Lunch 11:30 am-12:00 pm
Saints Academy Lunch 11:45 am-12:15 pm


Educational Meal Benefits and services are available to all children without regard to race, religion, color, sex, handicap, age or national origin.

St. Francis Area Schools Nutrition Services Department has moved school menus and nutritional information to the online service Nutrislice. 

Menus through Nutrislice