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Meal Payment Options/Pricing

Payment Options

  • Check payments are accepted at the school. Cash payments are accepted, but sending cash with students is discouraged and at parent/guardian's risk.  If you choose to bring money to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their keypad #, and the amount enclosed. Download and print out a pre-formatted #10 envelope for making deposits.  Elementary students (grades K-5) can drop off envelopes in the school office in the morning.  Secondary students (grades 6-12) are asked to place envelopes or checks in the cashier's collection box or cashier's office in the morning.
  • Online payments are accepted through PayPams. For helpful tips for using PayPams, click here (PDF).
  • A transaction fee of $1.95 will be charged to the user for each transaction. Multiple payments made at the same time for students within the same household account will only be charged one transaction fee.
  • For lunch account transfer or refund request, click here (PDF). Print form, fill out and forward to student's school or fax to Nutrition Services (763-753-7709).
  • Notice of meal charge procedure: The collections process has been approved for negative meal debt. Families that can pay, should keep their student's meal account positive to avoid meal debt being turned over to collections.

Angel Fund Meal Account

An account has been set up to help families going through a hardship who may not qualify for free/reduced meals or who may have accrued negative debt before being approved.

Donations to the Angel Fund Meal Account can be mailed to Nutrition Services Department, St. Francis Area Schools, 4111 Ambassador Boulevard NW, St. Francis MN 55070 or online at PayPams.

To request Angel Fund Meal Account funds, click here and submit completed form to, fax 763-753-7709, or mail to Nutritions Services Department, St. Francis Area Schools, 4111 Ambassador Boulevard NW, St. Francis MN 55070.

Meal Pricing

Preschool $0
Kindergarten-Grade 5 $0
Grades 6-8 $0
Grades 9-12 $0
Free or Reduced $0
Second Lunch $4.05
Adult Lunch $4.05
Kindergarten $0
Grades 1-5 $0
Grades 6-12 $0
Free or Reduced $0
Second Breakfast $2.30
Adult Breakfast $2.30
Extra Milk 70¢
Juice 4 oz. 60¢
Juice 8 oz. 70¢
Water 8 oz. 70¢
Extra Entree  $2.35