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Food Safety/Waste and Recycling

Food Safety for our Students

In St. Francis Area Schools:

  • Nutrition Services follows the Minnesota Department of Health's food code.
  • Each kitchen has a Certified Food Manager (CFM) approved by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Each school kitchen is inspected twice per year and licensed annually.
  • St. Francis Area Schools Nutrition Services is proud of the district's food safety records! Inspection reports are posted in each kitchen.
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Waste Recycling in Cafeterias

St. Francis Area  Schools elementary schools participate in a recycling program that sends cafeteria food waste to Barthold Farms, located in St. Francis. The program saves the district money by reducing garbage waste and therefore collection fees. It gives students an opportunity to help the environment and their community.

Secondary school cafeterias have plastic bottle recycling receptacles available for students to participate in recycling.

In addition to recycling efforts in the cafeterias, the kitchens practice recycling to reduce garbage waste as well.

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