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Nutrition Services Department


St. Francis Learning Center
4111 Ambassador Blvd. NW
St. Francis, MN 55070


Office Phone: 763-753-7060
Fax: 763-753-7709

Wendy Klobe
Program Supervisor

Deb Halde
Office Professional

Amanda Olson
Kitchen Specialist

Welcome to the Nutrition Services Department. St. Francis Area Schools provide students with access to a variety of foods that meet the health and nutritional needs of our students. We serve foods that meet state and federal requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

St. Francis Area Schools students to temporarily receive free meals

St. Francis Area Schools is participating in the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) recently extended COVID-19 meal program. The funding is temporary and is currently set to end December 31, 2020, or earlier, if funding is exhausted.

The program will temporarily provide free meals (breakfast and lunch) to all enrolled students on days when school is in session.

All meals are temporarily free, but a sign-up is required for Group A, Group B and distance learning students.

  • For hybrid students (Group A or Group B, your student is on-campus 2 days and off-campus 3 days a week), parents/guardians must complete this form. An email confirmation will come from Nutrition Services. K-12 students will have access to breakfast/lunch meals on the day they are in school. Meals will be served by staff wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and seating in the cafeteria will follow social distancing safety procedures. Some students may eat in classroom areas to ensure social distancing. For the virtual learning days, Nutrition Services will prepare chilled breakfast/lunch meal bundles for students to take home; milk is included.
  • For distance learning students (your student is off campus each day), parents/guardians must complete this form. An email confirmation will come from Nutrition Services. K-12 students can sign up for cold, wrapped, ready-to-eat bundled breakfast/lunch meals; milk is included. Meal bundles may be picked up at St. Francis High School parking lot, Door 13 on Mondays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 a.m. Please stay in your vehicle and provide ID when picking up.
  • K-5 students are in-person every day and parents/guardians do not need to fill out a form at this time. Breakfast and lunch are free while USDA funding is available.

All meals will be recorded in students' meal accounts by their PIN.

Note: In-person learners (kindergarten-grade 5) and onsite hybrid students (grades 6-12) will be able to purchase snacks, seconds and extras with prepaid meal accounts

Nutrition Services will resume charging for meals as soon as USDA funds are exhausted. Since the USDA program may stop at any time, please maintain a balance in your student's prepaid meal account.

Families that are approved for educational benefits (free/reduced meals) will continue to receive free meals after this temporary funding is exhausted, as long as a current approved application is on file by October 21, 2020. Please don't wait—click this link to apply now for educational benefits.

Questions? Email or


School meals feed the future!
  • Students who qualify for reduced-price school meals will receive free lunches and breakfasts
  • All kindergarten students qualify for free breakfast
  • Smart snacks sold to students regulations
Nutrition Goals of School Meals
  • To increase the fiber content of meals by offering complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread products and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • To decrease the fat content from calories to 30 percent or less and no more than 10 percent of those calories from saturated fat over a five day period
  • Reduce sodium content of meals
Nutrition Education

Nutrition Services supports the Wellness Committee initiatives by providing healthy school meals and snacks to the students of St. Francis Area Schools.

Educational Benefits
(Free/Reduced Price Meals)

Click here to begin online application

  • Why apply for free/reduced meals? Click here (PDF) to learn how your application helps fund programs throughout the district.
  • For applications in Spanish, Somali or Hmong click here.
  • Students may qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. To apply, click on the button above and complete the Application for Educational Benefits online application. A new application must be submitted each school year. At public schools, the application also helps the school qualify for education funds and discounts.
  • To share your eligibility status with other programs fill out the Waiver of Confidentiality Form.
Other Resources
  • Low cost Internet offer for families that qualify for free meals from Internet Essentials/Comcast (some restrictions apply)
  • For information on the Angel Fund Meal Account, click here.
  • For information on how to report a civil rights complaint, click here.

Site Contacts

St. Francis High School
Cathy Phillips, Kitchen Manager – 763-213-1625
Chris Rowe, Cashier – 763-213-1617

St. Francis Middle School
Cheryl Renter, Kitchen Manager – 763-213-8573
Kelli Toikka, Cashier – 763-213-8574

Cedar Creek Elementary School
Roberta Knoop, Kitchen Manager – 763-213-8858
Marge Wannamaker, Cashier – 763-213-8859

East Bethel Elementary School
Cynthia Gardner, Kitchen Manager – 763-213-8948
Beth Olson, Cashier – 763-213-8949

St. Francis Elementary School
Marilyn Reinhardt, Kitchen Manager – 763-213-8745
Kathy Sheppard, Cashier – 763-213-8746

St. Francis Learning Center
Patti Guzy, Cook/Cashier – 763-753-7151