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Equitable Access to Excellent Teachers

Teacher Equity — Access to Effective, Experienced and In-Field Teachers

  • 100% Districtwide Percentage of Effective Teachers
  • 30.54% Districtwide Percentage of Inexperienced Teachers
  • 4.3% Districtwide Percentage of Out-of-field Teachers

Students have the lowest access to experienced and in-field teachers at Saints Academy and Transition 15. It is important to know these are relatively small programs and statistically small sample sizes. All other buildings/programs have less than 10% variance from the district average.


  • An ineffective teacher is defined as a teacher who is not meeting professional teaching standards as defined in local teacher development and evaluation (TDE) systems.
  • An inexperienced teacher is defined as a licensed teacher who has been employed for three or less years.
  • An out-of-field teacher is defined as a licensed teacher who is providing instruction in an area which he or she is not licensed.