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Grant Procedures Checklist

All grants should be reported to Business Services, and the following will be required to initiate the grant process:

☐ Paperwork or grant application, including the approval of the award ☐ Amount of the grant
☐ Timeline – what timelines are required
☐ Who owns the grant, for example, is this a program-specific or site-based initiative, or is this a district-wide initiative?
☐ Who is responsible for grant
☐ Identify how the grant funding works. Is this a direct payment to the district, or is it a reimbursable grant (the district pays for the expense, and then we are reimbursed)?
☐ Consult with the Business Office so the appropriate codes are built specifically for your grant.
☐ Communicate the codes to the staff that need this information
☐ Expenditures need to be coded according to UFARS. Some codes are not allowed for certain grants. It is the administrator’s responsibility to know what expenditures are allowable.
☐ The grant administrator is responsible for approving all expenditures and reviewing all revenues and expenditure reports for accuracy. Review the reports often and notify Business Services of any discrepancies.
☐ All grant expenditures will follow district policy and district purchasing deadline.
☐ District purchasing cut off is April 15. If you need exceptions for your grant, discuss with Business Services BEFORE this date.
☐ Does a PAF need to be done for your grant? Remember to put an end date on the PAF or complete another PAF when the grant funds are expired.
☐ The administrator is responsible for using the funds in the order they were received and/or by the date the funds expire/grant tything/timing. ☐ The administrator of the grant will be responsible for all necessary reporting requirements to grantor agencies.

☐ Budget revisions are the responsibility of the grant administrator. These budget changes should also be conveyed to Business Services to adjust the district’s budget.
☐ Federal grant draws will be prepared by Business Services, and the grant administrator will need to approve before the draw is made.
☐ If the grant crosses over the fiscal year (June 30), please work with the Business Office staff to determine what needs to be done and the best course of action.
☐ The administrator is responsible for meeting grant due dates for purchases and draws.
☐ Does the grant expenditures equal the grant revenues by the grant end date?

Federal Grants Key Components

1. Review the allocations and carryforward amounts.
2. Record expenses, including salaries, to the funds that will expire first. 3. Complete PAF’s as needed
4. As budgets are modified in SERVS, communicate with the Business Office staff to ensure that a budget adjustment is completed to match the grant award. The oldest funds are drawn first and coordinate the drawing process.
5. All reporting requirements are the grant owner’s responsibility, for example, Title Comparability Report, CSPR reporting, and administrative reports required for the grant.
6. Time & Effort reporting is the responsibility of the grant owner.
7. Federal Uniform Grant Guidelines need to be followed for purchases. Inventory logs must be maintained for audit purposes on the items identified as meeting the inventory requirements.
8. Once the grant has been reconciled, any additional expenses will be posted to the grant owner’s budget.
9. Routinely, the grant owner should review budget reports for appropriateness.