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Business Services Department

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District Office
4115 Ambassador Blvd. NW
St. Francis, MN 55070

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Eric Bartusch 
Business Services Director

Lori Davis 

Jackie Smith 
Payroll Supervisor

Kara Merrifield
MARSS/Infinite Campus Student Support

Marika Hendricks 

JoAnne Smith 
Accounts Payable

The purpose of the Business Services Department is to support the school district in meeting its educational goals by accurately accounting for all financial transactions of the school district and by providing timely and friendly service on all business matters.

The school board and the Financial Planning Action Committee of St. Francis Area Schools are committed to maximizing dollars sent to the classroom while maintaining balanced budgets and sound financial practices.

The school district has been recognized for its sound financial practices by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Moody’s Investors Services, and the auditors of Malloy Montague Karnowski , Radosevich & Co. (MMKR). The school district received its fifth MDE School Finance Award in February 2010 in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in financial management, including compliance with state statutes.

The school district has received seven audit reports with no audit findings. Per Ken Malloy, partner of the independent auditing MMKR, less than 20 percent of the clients of MMKR receive audit reports with no audit findings. That the school district has seven school years with no audit findings is due to the daily efforts of the Business Services Department and school and program administrative staff and their commitment to sound financial practices.

Finally, the Worner Study and the Metropolitan Educational Cooperative Service Unit reports offer comparisons of St. Francis Area Schools finances with surrounding school districts and other school districts of similar size. Per these reports, the school district is at the bottom of the charts for revenues per student and in the top percentages for dollars sent to the classroom.

Provided by School Finance in Minnesota from MASBO on Vimeo.


District Revenues and Expenditures Budget

Fiscal Year 2021 and 2022
Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021

Financial Statements and Supplemental Information



Note: Dates are for guidance purposes; actual dates may vary.

Property Tax Information

A Truth in Taxation presentation is given at the regular school board meeting in December of each year.

Truth in Taxation presentation • December 13, 2021
Truth in Taxation presentation • December 14, 2020
Truth in Taxation presentation • December 9, 2019
Truth in Taxation presentation • December 10, 2018
Truth in Taxation presentation • December 11, 2017

Refunds and Deferral Programs

Property Tax Refund information is available here.
There are three types of property tax refunds—each with different criteria. There is a renter property tax refund, a regular homeowner property tax refund, and a special property tax refund.


You must have been either a full- or part-year resident of Minnesota during the year.
You cannot be a dependent.
As a homeowner or mobile home owner, your property must be classified as your homestead.
As a renter, you must have lived in a building in which property taxes were assessed or payment was made in lieu of property taxes. If you are not sure if property taxes are assessed on your building, contact your landlord.
Relative homesteads do not qualify.

Senior Citizen Tax Deferral Program

This is not a refund or rebate program. It is for senior citizens whose household income is less than $60,000. There is an application process. More information can be found at Senior Citizens Property tax deferral program.


For purchasing guidelines, including bid and quote requirements, please contact the Business Services Department.