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Student Transportation Form

Childcare Transportation Guidelines

St. Francis Area Schools District Transportation Policy and Operating Rules regarding transporting to and from childcare sites will be allowed under the following guidelines:

1. The childcare provider must live within the attendance area of the school.

2. The childcare transportation request must be the same every day. You are only allowed one pick-up and one drop-off location.

3. Allowed pick-up and drop-off scenarios (all others will be denied.)

  • Pick-up at childcare, drop-off at childcare every day.
  • Pick-up at childcare, drop-off at home every day.
  • Pick-up at home, drop-off at childcare every day.
  • Pick-up at home, drop-off at home every day.

4. Only written requests will be honored. Notes to bus drivers and/or calls to Transportation Department will not be accepted.

5. A request must be submitted five (5) business days in advance of the change.

If you meet the above qualifications and need to have your child transported from/to a childcare site, please COMPLETELY fill in the following information:

Student Information

Must be the same location everyday.​​​​
Must be the same location everyday.​​​

Childcare Provider Information

Describe Change Request in detail:​​​​

I do hereby agree to hold St. Francis Area Schools harmless for any damages resulting from its granting this request.

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