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September 2018 Update               

Building Our Future Together


Over the summer and into the new school year, the progress is continuing on bond referendum projects in St. Francis Area Schools. The bond oversight committee (BOC) continues to meet and review design development documents and estimates for the budget for East Bethel Elementary School, St. Francis Elementary School, St. Francis High School and St. Francis Middle School. The design documents were presented to the school board on August 13 and 27. In the month of September, the design team will transition from development phase to construction documents, and once those are finalized they will be used for bidding the projects. Coordination efforts are happening between East Bethel Elementary School and Cedar Creek Elementary School for an onsite bus loop. Work with the city and county continues in order to reach a consensus on the plan, and then this will be presented at a future school board meeting. At Cedar Creek Elementary School and Lifelong Learning Center, project development will happen at a later date.


Progress can been seen on the high school bleacher replacement of new home side bleachers and modification to visitor side bleachers to incorporate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) modifications. Completion is scheduled for the first home football game in September. An ADA accessible pathway from the ticketing booth to the home and visitor sides of the bleachers will also be completed in September.

Other progress that is visible are the Long Term Maintenance Facility Revenue (LTMFR) projects, which are not part of the November 2017 bond referendum. The track resurfacing project at St. Francis High School was completed at the end of August. St. Francis Middle School tennis courts reconstruction was also completed at the end of August. Please visit our website at for before and after pictures.


The passing of the $80M bond referendum in November 2017 is funding the safety, security, accessibility and educational space needs across the school district. The timeline for completion of all projects is 2021. St. Francis Area Schools is grateful for the support of our district residents. We look forward to providing continued progress as we build our future together.


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