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April 2018 | Update #3               

Building Our Future Together


On November 7, 2017 voters approved a $80,060,000 bond referendum to address critical deferred maintenance and physical facility needs, improve districtwide safety and security and accessibility and to enhance educational spaces and learning environments. St. Francis Area Schools is very grateful to the community for passing this bond and we are dedicated to informing you of the progress as we build our future together.


In February the district focus teams finished touring middle schools, elementary schools and media centers in other school districts to see design concepts to help determine what will be best for our district. The focus teams are continuing to meet with the architects and project managers with the goal of coming to a consensus on the high-level design concepts that apply to multiple buildings within the district. An example of an overall consistent concept design is building entryways at the elementary level. The elementary focus team would like all school entrances to flow through the school office for safety and security during the school day. The focus team would also like the entrances of the elementary schools to look similar, using the same school colors and logos.


Building-specific design teams have also begun meeting with architects and project managers to begin applying some of the design concepts to each building specifically. Once a consensus is reached, the architects begin user group meetings which will take the high-level design and further develop building-specific plans.


The big question is, what site improvements will you see first?

At St. Francis High School you will see bleacher replacement and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements starting over the summer. You will also see track resurfacing at the high school, which is not part of the bond but long-term maintenance facility revenue. The rest of the work continues to happen behind the scenes. As indicated during our bond presentations, the planning process takes around nine months. We know these projects represent a significant investment in our community and schools and we continue to be good stewards with community tax dollars.


"Building Our Future Together - Update for April 2018" was originally published in the March issue of The Courier.


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